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bill cosby

Netflix Dumps Bill Cosby Stands By Accused Pedophile Woody Allen

In the wake of sexual assault allegations leveled at Bill Cosby, Netflix has pulled the comedic legend from its lineup although curiously stands by and continues to celebrate the works of accused pedophile Woody Allen. While one cannot necessarily blame the entertainment juggernaut from distancing…

democratic party

Democratic Party Dégringolade and Denial

Election night 2014 found Republicans celebrating deep into the night, with Democrats understandably in more dour spirits, with liberals in Manhattan drowning their sorrows in Cosmopolitans, beers in Boston’s Beantown and defeated lefties in Colorado passing ‘pon the left hand side to ease the…


Third Party Candidate Calls to Congratulate Victorious Opponent Spends an Hour Explaining Who He Is [Satire]

Third party candidate Milo D Peabottom, whose bid for California’s 64th Congressional District came up short Tuesday evening, tried unsuccessfully to graciously reach out to congratulate his victorious opponent, Republican Sylvia Santilli, only to spend the next hour explaining who…

carl demaio

Republican Challenger Carl DeMaio Beating Incumbent Democrat Among Blacks and Women

Republican challenger Carl DeMaio is leading incumbent Democratic Party Representative Scott Peters among women and black voters in the surprisingly competitive 52nd House District race in San Diego, California.  DeMaio, the openly gay GOP government-reformer has a slight lead in the…

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