Bergdahl Fans Start #BergdahlPardon Twitter Campaign

Within moments after the US Army announced that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl would be charged for desertion and misbehaving with the enemy, his legion of far-left fans and fellow traitors took to Twitter Wednesday, starting the #BergdahlPardon topic to express their sympathy and support. The social media thread was apparently started by former Bazos County (Tx) Arts Council Director David Romei, a shady character who is no stranger to controversy himself, having been convicted of property theft for which he was jailed and ordered to pay back $268,000 in restitution.

Although #BergdahlPardon is calling for the pardon of Bergdahl, who allegedly deserted his unit and took up with the enemy, causing six of his brothers in arms to lose their lives, as well as put his entire battalion in danger, it also has become a platform for a slew of far-left rhetoric. Much of the thread comes from malcontents to spew Bolshevik-like anger on a number of subjects from George W Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Cruz and Benjamin Netanyahu, among others.  In a posting emblematic of much of the thread, Romei shows his ignorance of both constitutional and military law when he suggests that Bowe Bergdahl be pardoned since the 47 Republicans who signed the Iran Letter by Senator Tom Cotton were, as he puts it, “pardoned” by the USA.

Much of the rest of the thread comes with similar bashing of the GOP, Bush, Cheney, the war in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. While in a free society we all have right to our own opinions on matters of politics, one does wonder what correlation that would have to the situation Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl finds himself in. His fans and supporters seem to miss the crucial aspect behind his charges. Not only did Bergdahl allegedly violate his oath of service, he left behind his fellow soldiers, six of which died in searches and rescue attempts for him. While we leave it to the facilitators of military justice to proclaim his guilt or innocence and levy appropriate penalties, much of the court of public opinion sees this as a complete betrayal of country, honor and the brothers he served with. Still for some, this does not override their compassion for someone they see as a “victim” in all of this.

 For our part, we at Dignitas News Service simply couldn’t resist ourselves, and felt obliged to chime in with our opinion on the matter, suggesting that in lieu of a court-marshal, possibly it would be appropriate to have him return to his unit, as they might  be best fit to aid in his repatriation and rehabilitation.  

The aforementioned creator of the #BergdahlPardon Twitter topic, David Romei, was a former Army veteran who became Arts Director for Brazos County, Texas in 1998. Following a long and contentious trial, he eventually pleaded guilty to using Arts Council funds for illegal campaign contributions to enhance the electoral hopes of  fellow left-wingers. Former College Station council member Dick Bidwell describes Romei as “a brilliant con artist.” He recalls him as someone who “makes a good impression and he is able to twist people, give them a line of bull, and them have them believe it.” As evidenced by his skillful use of Twitter to gain sympathy for Bowe Bergdahl by so many low-information fans of a man many consider to be a traitor, through his #BergdahlPardon topic, Mr. Bidwell’s description seems spot-on.

By Paul M Winters
Dignitas News Service