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Bernie Sanders of All People Puts Gazagogues in Their Place [Video]

There are few elected officials in the United States that are further to the left than Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. Although technically listed as an Independent, he caucuses with the Democrats and his failure to register as one of them is due to the fact that even they are not socialist enough for him. That said, unlike sycophantic and pandering Democrats, he is true to his beliefs (misguided as they may be) and takes his stance based on his desire to help people live a better life. Due to this honesty and transparency, even this right of center news outlet cannot help but respect the Senator for staying true to his beliefs and view him as an opponent that at the very least can be counted on to remain consistent. And today Bernie Sanders earned our esteem for forcefully putting a vulgar group of Hamas-loving “Gazagogues” in their place.

In a town hall meeting held in Cabot, Vermont this weekend, Sanders was addressing the ongoing conflict in Israel between the government and the Palestinians. During the question and answer period he fielded questions from the crowd when things started to heat up. Although taking a generally sympathetic stance toward Israel throughout, he did conceded that on some matters Israel had gone too far. He was respectfully answering a citizens question, making the aforementioned concession but also pointing out Hamas’s deeds and specifically pointing out their use of funds meant to go toward infrastructure and their denial of Israel’s right to exist. It was at this point that true nature of the pro-Hamas Gazagogues came out. One man began to loudly interrupt the Senator as he attempted to answer a woman’s question. Sanders raised his voice, telling the man to “Shut up.” The man then asked if he planned to have people arrested, at which point he answered “No, I’m not going to arrest people, but are you going to allow us to have a discussion?”

As the antisemitic forces continued to interrupt, he continued to politely ask to not be disturbed while he made his point, adding that in his opinion, the view of Hamas is that they did not recognize Israel’s right to exist. This lit a charge in the pro-Hamas forces, as one woman yelled out “bullsh*t!” When she was reproached by Sanders and more level-headed elements in the crowd, she displayed the typical sophistication and maturity of her ilk by replying, “it’s not a dirty word.” Throughout the discussion, a number of the crowd showed more of this maturity by proclaiming “F*ck Israel!”

Fireworks begin at about the three-minute mark of the following video:

Sanders stance wasn’t received well by much of the crowd or the social media world, as one Hamas supporter commented on the YouTube page the video was originally posted by stating, “people waken up to the fake Jews murderous crimes…praise be to God. ISIS stands for  Israel security Intelligence services….warn everyone please these monsters have no heart, cold-blooded murderers all of them who support the apostate demonic Israel.” Another commented that Sanders “gave the US propaganda line on Israel.”

While we have taken great umbrage with Senator Bernie Sanders in the past, and will most assuredly do so again in the future, we salute you for standing up for Israel and for calling a spade a spade.

By Dignitas News Service


BernieSandersTownHall (via MarieCountrymenYouTube)