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Black Americans Waking up to Democrats Illegal Immigration Goals

As the border crisis has unfolded and exploded over the last month, the mainstream media has largely focused on the tension between the mostly Hispanic pro-amnesty forces and the mostly white conservative anti-amnesty protests. While they have tried to craft the coverage as peaceful, humanitarian “pro-immigration” activists being harassed by so-called “racist” whites, one aspect of the debate has been largely silent, the feelings of African-Americans on the issue. As we are beginning to see however, black Americans are waking up to the fact that the illegal immigration goals of the Democratic Party are very clear and will have a negative impact o the black community.

Many Democrats and white liberals live under the fantasy that they are the “great protector” of black folks and all that they do is for our benefit. It is inconceivable to them that we would object to their action, because after all they are rooted in the divine goodness of their bleeding hearts. They also foolishly believe that we should go along with everything they stand for because, after all, they have our best interests at heart. Their latest attempt to turn a blind eye to the obviously planned invasion of tens of thousands of Central American illegal immigrants however may the tipping point which finally wakes our people up to the fact that we are after-thoughts to a party we have given so much loyalty for decades.  Because they “have us” they can now work on their next goal, which is getting 90% of the Hispanic vote by flooding the country with people who will vote for them, no questions asked. In doing so, however, they are sacrificing the futures of black Americans and Latino American citizens, but that just may be part of their ruthless plan as well.

I hate to be the one to bring white liberals out of their comforting fantasy but you aren’t helping us, you’re hurting us and we are stating to wake up. For decades the Democratic Party solution to the problems of black unemployment has been a simple one, more welfare. In their unspoken belief that black folks are inferior and incapable of building for their own success, they have argued that government programs are needed to take care of those who can’t do so for themselves. Of course, they claim that the legacy of slavery and racism are the reasons we can’t compete equally in society but I can’t help but believe in their heart of hearts they just see us as less than themselves.

This is not just white liberals, but our so-called “black leaders” who think of themselves as special and above the rest, simply because they were able to win a couple of elections. So they push two things on our community which they feel will solve the problem and keep us quite. They make us feel that it’s “deserved” that large portions of our community be on welfare, as a form of “reparations” to take care of those who can’t make it on their own, due to the racism that permeates our society. Because at some level they know they can’t put all poor folks on welfare and because they have no answers on how to grow the economy in our neighborhoods they have a second option for us…just kill us off.

Abortion is not equally distributed in America, by any means. Black Americans make up just 13% of the population, yet we account for 48% of all abortions. This is not by accident as 79% of Planned Parenthood clinics are in black or Latino neighborhoods. Growing up I always heard the saying that there is a liquor store and gun shop on every corner in the black community and while that may be true about liquor stores I don’t remember seeing a gun shop in my Oakland hometown. I do remember seeing lots of “Family Planning” clinics however. There are about 488,000 black babies killed every year. I was shocked to learn recently that more black kids are murdered in abortion clinics each year in New York City than are even born.

If Democrats are successful in flooding the country with more and more poor, unskilled and uneducated illegal immigrants they will probably need to build more of these “clinics” to protect themselves. I say protect themselves because at some level they know that black folks would rise up and riot because of the lack of jobs and opportunities in the black community. Blaming things on whitey only goes so far and if we were ever to wake up to the failed leadership of the Democratic Party, those riots just might find their way to these “leaders” field offices, so killing off half a million of us a year provides them a bit of cover.

But as Democrats are starting to find out, even buying us off with welfare and keeping our population down isn’t going to keep working. Folks are beginning to ask questions and we recognize who is behind it. As so many young African American’s look unsuccessfully for jobs that don’t exist close to home, we see floods of illegal immigrants coming in who will work for less money and end up with the construction and maintenance jobs that many of us would be willing to take. We go to McDonald’s and see a workforce that barely speaks English with one or two “token” black folks behind the counter while so many of us spend our days hanging out and getting in trouble for lack of constructive direction.

This is not an attack on my Latino brothers and sisters, make no mistake. But these brothers and sisters are our fellow American citizens, not those who just come here and expect benefits and easy access to jobs. I love this country and I love all Americans whether they are black, white, Latino, Asian and all the beautiful people of my country. I understand that immigration is vital to our future and what this country is all about, but illegal immigration is just a crime. It is cheating a system that other people are going through. It is “cutting  in line” and taking the place of the legal immigrant who is waiting on paperwork to go through before they can come over. Why is this accepted? To me it is pure madness to make those protesting against illegal immigrants look like the bad guy. For the past couple weeks, all I’ve seen in the media and all over the internet are examples of white folks out protesting and usually liberals try to paint them as racists. I’ve gone through tons of You Tube videos where fellow conservatives (usually white) give thought and reasoned debate on why we cant accept amnesty, yet the title banner will say something like “Racist Tea Party Attacks Children.” Well I guess black folks are racists too because we are starting to speak out against this as well, as this sister in Houston, Texas did recently.

Bernadette Lancelin, you are not alone. A lot of us are watching the news too and we feel you. A lot of us are waking up to what’s really going on out there. For decades we have been giving our votes to the Democratic Party and they are laughing at us. We have been “their ni**as” and they feel they can do anything and we will go along with it. No more! It is time we wake up to the fact that they have been using us, throwing us under the bus and we have been one’s to make this possible. They have been telling us that they are protecting us against the “racists” in the Republican Party and that if we don’t vote for Democrats we will be attacked. But we find our communities under attack and since recognizing this, I guess we are now racists too. After all, if we have the same objections the white Tea Party has about our borders being overrun by tens of thousands of illegals who will come here and move into our neighborhoods, take our jobs and make our futures less bright, are we not “racists” as well? And if we are, then we should join up with our fellow racists. And I guess this would include my Latino friends who also are against illegal immigration. I guess we are all Uncle Tom’s and Tio Tomas’ now.

Of course that is not the case, as we are simply Americans looking out for the future of our own country. Liberals want to make that argument that this is somehow wrong, when every other country on earth does the same thing, look out for their own well-being. I have nieces and nephews, and someday I want children of my own, I want them to have all the opportunity in the world to make their dreams come true. And I’m sorry, but if we just let anyone who wants break the rules, cut in line and take what they want, those dreams will be harder to come by, and they are already hard.

As a young black conservative, I take a lot of heat from Democrats and those who tell me that Republicans are racists. I cant tell you how happy I am to see other blacks standing up for whats RIGHT, as these brothers and sisters did in Murrieta, California. I feel bad for those kids and their mothers and the others whose countries are so messed up that they risk their loves trying to get here, I do. But we have our own problems here already. We have almost a hundred million people out of work and trying to make a better future with little opportunity out there. We have brothers in prison because they made poor choices, in part because they don’t feel they can make it going the legit route. As the next video shows, I am not alone in joining the growing cry of sanity that was started by our white brothers and sisters who honestly have less to lose from illegal immigration than we do.

The illegal immigration issue is waking more and more black Americans the goals of the Democrats Party. Just as they have been singing that old song that anyone who fights against more welfare is a racist and anyone who fights against abortion is “anti-woman.” Everyone who is in favor of amnesty and illegal immigration tries to say that you are racist if you oppose it. But I also notice that most of those people fighting for amnesty are themselves Latino. I wonder if they would be out there chanting and singing if the illegal immigrants were from Africa, or Asian, or from Europe. Would they care? Would their hearts bleed for them? Of course not. But nobody calls them racists.

Opinion by Gary Youngston
Dignitas News Service Correspondent






  • Mel Content

    While I completely understand the frustration of those black Americans who genuinely want to work, I have to ask them this question: why do you keep voting for Democrats who don’t even have your best interest in mind? Black voters are the battered spouses of the Democrat Party. The Democrat’s positions on school choice, minimum wage laws and illegal immigration hurt them, yet they keep coming back for more…

  • wilsonsandy2

    The answer to your work situation is JOBS! Obama doesn’t want to ignite capitalism AS HE REGULATES THEM TO DEATH and that is the only way to get JOBS! If your on welfare/obamacare or any assistance to the government you are going to be waiting in lines for food,and healthcare. As the government grows at the rate it is we cannot take care of all of the people which includes the thousands of illegals coming into america. Do the math, it’s not rocket science. They will raise taxes, food will go up, gas will go up, products and services will go up! We will bust! The only way government has to get money is from the people WHO HAVE JOBS! And where do they have jobs? From companies in the private sector. If you work for the government you are being paid by your tax dollar and that’s a liability. Wake up america why are you so stupid. Get off government assistance it will get worse. WAKE UP! How much more evidence does america need to see how this Obama and his administration wants to destroy american and especially the middle class financially! We are the ones that will foot the bills on the illegals. Obama doesn’t care about us! Open your eyes and read! Read Read Read about your government! He is for socialism/communist. Is that where you want to go? He wants open borders and plans to fly more and more people from other countries not just central america but africa, brazil and other places for US TO TAKE CARE OF! He is against us!!! God what is so hard about learning about Obama. He is NOT FOR US! Wake up!

  • Michael Lofton

    YouTube: “Interview with Terry Anderson, Part 1” by crowdifornia, Jun 10, 2009

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    ….and with elected Black leaders at the Federal, State, County, and City jurisdictions of government promoting amnesty/dream act for millions of illegal aliens and his or her anchor babies, will lead to even further disenfranchisement/displacement and disparaging of employment opportunity for U.S born Black men, women and children by illegal aliens all over the U.S.