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A Call to Arms for Tea Party Republicans and RINO’s Alike

As the 2014 primary season draws to a close and focus shifts to the November general elections, the GOP is poised to capitalize on a demoralized Democratic Party, beset by scandal and a legislative agenda that has been largely proven a failure in improving the lives of Americans both nationally and on state and local levels. With most polls pointing to huge gains for the party of Lincoln, including a better than even-money shot at taking the Senate, Democrats have little to pin their hopes to other than an escalation of inner-party turmoil in the so-called GOP “civil war.” This should serve notice to both establishment “RINO’s” and Tea Part enthusiasts alike, and a call to arms for all Republicans that the only victor when we devour our own is Progressive-liberalism.

While the heated rhetoric of primary election season generally gives way to clearer heads and a spirit of common cause among conservative and moderate Republicans, there does come a certain level of drop in enthusiasm level for the activist base who have devoted months of effort, and their heart and souls, into advocacy for their chosen candidate only to come up short and see what is considered a lesser individual move on to the November election. While this occurs on both sides of the Republican divide, the feeling tends to run stronger in the more conservative wings of the GOP. In just the past few days Ive seen this evidenced, particularly in my home state of California. Without question the winner of our Tuesday gubernatorial “primary,” Neel Kashkari, is less conservative than Tim Donnelly, who he ultimately prevailed against. I’ve personally had conversations with fellow Republicans and Donnelly supporters who in their anger at the results, vowed to cast their ballot for the American-Independent candidate, or sit out the November elections all together. I will go on record as stating that I supported Tim Donnelly in the June elections, and while I personally tend to side in primaries for the candidate with greater conservative “bona fides” I thoroughly reject the notion that Jerry Brown is a better alternative for California than Neel Kashkari or that a moderate Republican is no different from a Democrat.

I have, ironically enough, had my own conservatism questioned for the exact statement as that above. To the contrary, I seriously question not only the sanity but the very patriotism of someone who can soberly state  euphemisms such as “Boehner is worse than Pelosi” and the similar comments made by my fellow conservatives. It makes me further question if such a person is truly committed to the long-term advancement of conservatism, or merely a wolf in sheep’s clothing whose desire is to fracture the movement. I likewise reproach more moderate, establishment “RINO” types that bemoan the rise of the Tea Party activist base, who complain that their firebrand style and calls for ideological purity will be the “death of the Republican Party” and rightfully scold them for mimicking this left-wing hyperbole. The fact of the matter is that our intellectual diversity is a strength, something that provides us a vitality and political inertia that Democrats cannot match. It is only when we fall prey to the fears the left-wing media is all-too-happy to instill us with that this strength becomes a liability.

What our Progressive adversaries understand far better than we is that politics is a form of warfare. We are not engaged in a sporting competition where you win some, lose some and go on to fight another day. Politics is the pursuit of power and the direction of the nation. The left has made it perfectly clear, in case you haven’t noticed, that they would have no problem utterly destroying out credibility, our power and our ability to freely compete in the political arena with attempts to silence our voice, be it through “Fairness Doctrines” or IRS skullduggery. It is high time we come to honest terms with the desires and strengths of our opponents and respond in kind, with all the legal arsenal we have at our disposal, of course the greatest weapon being truth.

Being the eternal optimist that I am heart, I sincerely feel we are the verge of a great awakening in this country. The incompetence, failures and lies of the Progressive-left are so great that even with the advantages they hold within the media, culture and academia, their web is beginning to unravel. As the primary mission of Dignitas News Service is to spread the gospel of conservatism to the core constituents of the Democratic Party, I have seen firsthand that our message of self-determination and limited government is one that is well received if properly voiced. The mythical Democrat “Maginot Line” of the inner-cities, the black, the Hispanic and the “urban white hipster” vote is a line we can crack and once penetrated will pave the way for the ultimate assault on Progressive-liberalism and its iPhone-friendly version of Bolshevism. I somewhat lament that the end of the Cold War occurred as it did, so that the world was unable to fully grasp the evils of Marxism, and it was allowed to evolve into more benign variants at home and abroad, and did not rightfully meet a similar end as did National Socialism.

That last statement alone should make it clear to all that my goals and vision are far from “moderate” in their scope, and in fact probably casts me as radical as they come. But I am not so mad as to believe that a nation as complex as ours can be saved, or run, with a strict adherence to a political dogma with no room for divergent opinion and solutions. Nor am I arrogant enough to believe that I, or any individual in our movement, has everything figured out. If I agree with eight positions of a given candidate or official, but happen to disagree with two or three of his or her positions, even if these are of high importance to me, I do not consider this person an enemy or a “traitor,” particularly if I myself am not as an expert on this issue and possibly have not weighed all the implications, both strategically and as practical policy.

To all aspects of the Republican Party, I wish to point out that we are on the verge of something truly historic. On a national level, we certainly place priority on gaining a majority of seats in the US Senate and maintaining our advantage in the House of Representatives, but we need look further on the state level to find an equally important aspect of November’s elections. Consider first, if you will, the text of Article V of our Constitution:

Article V

The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate.

Here is where we begin to recognize and appreciate the combined strength of the Republican coalition. While many in the Tea Party and on the right, myself included, grumble about the often feckless nature of some in our congressional leadership, it would be foolhardy to dismiss the success that John Boehner, Mitch McConnell & company have had in navigating some very treacherous waters during the Obama era, at a time when his popularity and his allies within the media threatened to derail the national gains conservatives have made and place us back into the minority, least of all in the House.  And to the country-club set I would point out that, although it garners far less attention, it is on the state house level where the Tea Party influence has been most pronounced and their success has been key to the GOP’s current dominance in this arena. To date, Republicans hold full control of 26 state houses, compared to only 18 under Democrat control. Five states are split between the state legislatures and state Senates, while Nebraska holds non-partisan elections for these offices, although this is widely considered “Republican country.”

What has Democratic Party officials particularly nervous is not just the race for the US Senate, but the very real possibility that Republicans, led by the insurgent Tea Party movement, will emerge from the primary season even stronger and together with establishment candidates will sweep to victory in a number of contested state house seats and have an insurmountable majority following November battles. Democrats are in danger of losing their slim majorities in eight key states, particularly West Virginia, Nevada and Colorado. Among the five states currently with a split in party majorities Kentucky, Iowa and New Hampshire appear to be leaning toward a GOP takeover. Should just these six states move over to the Republican column, they would hold full control of 32 state governments, with Nebraska giving them a virtual 33rd given their voting tendencies.

Republican Party

Consider these possibilities and how they correlate with the aforementioned discussion of Article V. If we are somehow able to gain the numbers needed to call a Constitutional Convention, for those with a sincere confidence in the superiority of conservatism then ultimate victory is but a fait accompli. Even with all the power they hold in the press, in Hollywood and other aspects of culture, such a historical event is something none in this generational has ever experienced. They will be unable to utilize hyperbole and rhetorical deception in such a forum as this truly national debate would provide. We have always bemoaned that the left will not engage us in a battle of ideas and methods, but rather falsely attacks our motives as to cast fear in the American people as to our intentions, thereby rendering our voices unheard. They will be unable to do so, and we are left only with having to explain how our direction will provide positive change for the men, women and children of this nation, and draw four or five of the remaining “split states” into our corner. With these numbers we can also aggressively pursue justice for the American people, in relation to the numerous scandals of not only the Obama Administration, but the seemingly unending acts of illegality that has been perpetrated by Democrats in our states and cities. In the short history of Dignitas News Service, we have numerous articles documenting Democratic Party wickedness here in California.  We will have the opportunity to save American from this culture of corruption and the certain destruction that 50 years of the Progressive-left “Great Society” has put us on the path to and brought us to our current state of malaise.

This is why each and every race this November is of vital importance. The historic opportunity that we find before us is more than realistic, but a mathematical certainly if we don’t somehow find a way to let it slip through our hands. While I do not begrudge any Republican who passionately defends and advocates positions they hold so dear to their hearts, to the contrary I have the utmost respect for this, I also recognize the danger that Progressive-liberalism poses to the nation I love so dear and one that will be inherited by my eight-year-old daughter and all of our children. Rather than dwell on the disappointments of the spring primaries,  should look to the historic opportunities that Republican victories in November would bring to serve as a call to arms (and sanity) for moderates, conservatives, Tea Party enthusiasts and RINO’s alike.

Opinion by Paul M Winters
Editor in Chief, Dignitas News Service


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  • DaGooz88

    I was a bit skeptical when I first started reading this article. But I understand exactly what you are saying. Im not a big fan of Boehner but for anyone to think he is worse than Nancy Pelosi is ridiculous. And I had no idea the GOP had that many states, or had even considered the Article V thing. I’m sold!