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Chipotle Rival Vies to Become Official Fast Food of Hillary Clinton Campaign [Satire]

As the 2016 Presidential campaign heats up, competition among the candidates has spilled over into the fast-food industry, with eateries across the country wooing White House hopefuls in much the same way politicians seek out votes. Given the notoriety of Hillary Clinton’s recent stop at a Chipotle Mexican Grill restaurant in Ohio, Los Angeles-based Pink Taco is vying to become the official fast-food choice of the former First Lady’s 2016 campaign.

“When we heard Hillary Clinton liked Mexican food, we were excited to have her as part of the Pink Taco team,” stated a company spokesman in a recent press conference. Noting that their particular brand and flavor might be more suited to her palate, he noted that sources have indicated that she is indeed a fan of the chain’s delectable delights, “while I myself haven’t witnessed it, I’ve been told that she is a huge fan of Pink Taco and munches on it every chance she gets. If we were fortunate enough to have her campaign sign on, we’ll make sure that she and her staff members get as much Pink Taco as they can eat!”

Neither Hillary Clinton or those close to the campaign were available for comment, as she was busy at event with various recording stars, trying to ease industry concerns that the recent flare-up over her emails during her tenure as Secretary of State. The nation will have to wait for further developments to find out if she will declare her love and appetite for the delicious Pink Taco.

hillary clinton


By Dignitas News Service Satire Team