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Chris Rock Gives Perfect Rebuttal to Obama’s Community College Plan [Video]

Comedian Chris Rock, in his 1996 stand-up special “Bring the Pain,” provides a perfect rebuttal to President Obama’s plan to provide free community college via a Federal Program. While meant to be satiric, Rock raises an excellent point; as Community Colleges offer an opportunity for those who did not achieve the necessary marks in High School to gain acceptance to a four-year University, the danger is that these institutions will become a mockery similar to that which he describes. While we at Dignitas News Service see the value of our two-year Junior College institutions, they have been, and should remain a “second chance” for students to further their education.

Rather than focus on this area of our education system, politicians should pay more attention to where we are losing so many of our children, in grades one through five. School vouchers anyone?

By Dignitas News Service