CJ Pearson

CJ Pearson Gives Epic Response to Attacks on Rudy Giuliani

12-year-old conservative firebrand CJ Pearson is igniting You Tube with his epic response to attacks on former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. The preteen from Grovetown, GA has caught the attention of legions of Tea Party and conservative activists with his blistering reproach to President Barack Obama’s handling of the war on terror and backed up Giuliani’s questioning of the President’s love of traditional America.

This is not young CJ Pearson’s first foray into political activism. The student body President of Columbia Middle School is working to change Georgia law to lower the age to run for public office, with plans to throw his hat in the ring when he comes of age. He founded and serves as Executive Director for Young Geor­gians in Government and is crafting an amendment to the state Constitution to lower the age to run for Georgia’s lower House from 21 to 18 and the age for a state Senate bid from 25 to 21.

The son of two lifelong Democrats, Pearson describes himself as “a Republican, with strong Libertarian leanings.” He has volunteered for several GOP candidates in his local area and devotes a good portion of his free time to political activity which includes “agitating office holders” on a variety of issues from education, job-killing crippling corporate taxation and a bloated and runaway federal debt.

CJ Pearson’s political differences with his parents haven’t torn his home apart, however, as his parents have supported his passions. “While we disagree politically, they’re very supportive of young people, of all people getting involved in the process,” states Pearson, “It doesn’t really matter which party you get involved in, as long as you get involved, and they’re very supportive of that.”

In his video, Pearson is succinct in his assessment of the war against ISIS and radical Islam. “In America we fight for what we believe in,” he declares. He breaks down the fight against terrorism as one of good versus evil where we must “annihilate” the enemies of American values.

While still a very young man, Pearson has an insight and understanding unique not just among his age group, but among the American public at large. In the following video, CJ Pearson’s Call to Action, produced out by his Young Geor­gians in Government he bemoans the lack of interest and excitement in politics by voters and encourages people to take put as much focus on local issues and elections as they do for higher-profile races, such as the Presidency. He indicates his work on various campaigns, including Georgia Republican Governor Dave Perdue and GOP US Representative Rick Allen, has inspired him to one day seek public office. “People want someone who wont cave into one side, but will also listen to the other. They want someone who will fight both sides, for the greater good.” He hints at the recent Tea Party movement as an example of a change (for the good) in American politics. “People aren’t necessarily running away from their parties,” he astutely notes, “but are running from the obstructionism that has plagued their parties. We need to bring solutions to the table.”

On several occasions he notes that President Obama was given a unique opportunity to be a “great President” but completely failed. As Pearson notes, “He promised change, but gave us negative change.” 12-year-old CJ Pearson stepped it up a notch in his latest epic response in defense of Rudy Giuliani. Pearson is a young conservative to keep your eye on.

By Dignitas News Service