Democratic Party Opposition to Venezuela Sanctions Reprehensible


In a reprehensible slap in the face to the oppressed people of Venezuela, far-left members of the Democratic Party are urging President Obama to resist bipartisan efforts to level sanctions against the authoritarian government of Nicholas Maduro. Based on comments by the Administration, apparently their sympathy for the Marxist regime is shared by the White House in a startling reversal of national doctrine of supporting freedom and liberty that has endured since the US was founded in 1776.

John Conyers, Democratic Congressman from Michigan, penned a letter to Obama signed by he and 13 of his colleagues urging them to reject overwhelming House and Senate calls to sanction the Nicholas Maduro regime for its repression of human rights and the dubious imprisonment of opposition leaders consistent with the actions of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez.

While they have expressed “sympathy” for the oppressed opposition in Venezuela, the Obama Administration is opposed to sanctions, claiming the “timing isn’t right.” Secretary of State John Kerry, while acknowledging that the Venezuelan government has failed to demonstrate good faith in upholding the human rights of its citizens,  he is calling on more time to encourage dialogue between the government and opposition leaders, represented by the Voluntad Popular Party whose leader Leopoldo Lopez has been rotting in a Caracas jail cell along with many others whose sole goal is the freedom to express their self-evident rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Democratic Party opposition to Venezuelan sanctions have of course been hailed by the totalitarian regime as Nicholas Maduro giddily commented upon hearing of his ideological comrades letter, “There is a bit of wisdom in Washington. Thank you for taking this initiative to try to raise awareness.” He went on to defiantly add, “Any law approved in the US Congress is spurious.”

In his letter to Obama, John Conyers also urged a resumption in ambassador exchange that was ended four years ago. Conyers himself is no stranger to utilizing his power to circumvent law. The 85-year-old Democrat failed to obtain the legally mandated number of valid signatures to qualify for re-election, but in tactics that Maduro would certainly appreciate utilizes his Party leverage to obtain a stay as US District Court Judge Matthew Leitman ruled that invalid or forged signatures were “obtained in good faith.”

It is reprehensible that the United Stated, founded on the principles of liberty, justice and human rights would turn its back on Voluntad Popular and the millions of Venezuelans who desire nothing more than democracy and the freedom of expression. Many conservative voices in the United States have accused Maduro and his henchmen of taking action against Leopoldo Lopez in retaliation for his strong showing in the most recent, and possibly last, national elections. Lopez came close to defeating Maduro in what many consider a fraudulent election, although lack of proper US leadership has prevented an international inquiry into suspected Maduro skullduggery.


Voluntad Popular-Our Ideological Brethren

Members of the Republican Party have been the most vocal critics of the Maduro regime, in particular Senator Marco Rubio of Florida. Rubio, considered a strong contender for the GOP Presidential nomination in 2016, went on record this week in a press release, “We are now approaching the four month mark since Venezuelan students took to the streets to demand a better future and their fundamental rights, only to be met with violent and even deadly force by the Maduro regime. Sanctions on the individuals responsible are long overdue.”

At the beginning of the crisis, Rubio gave two very impassioned speeches, in response to the situation and in reaction to Democratic Senator Tom Harkin’s glowing report of his trip to the “Caribbean Paradise” of Cuba. He tied the two Latin nations together, noting Cuba’s participation and cooperation in Venezuelan tyranny and condemned Western leadership for its “shameful” inaction. The speeches have been hailed by conservatives in the United States as one of the most forceful and eloquent foreign policy addresses of the decade.

Other Republicans have led the charge to take action against the tyrannical actions of the Maduro regime as well, notably Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lethinen (R-FL) who recently stated, “I hope that the Senate can act swiftly to pass the House version of the bill,” which in fairness did include support of some moderate Democrats, “so that we can send it to the President’s desk as soon as possible to ensure that those responsible for human rights abuses are held accountable.”

On the subject of accountability, we would also like to share with you the contact information for Mr. Conyers, should you want to voice your opinion to his stance and urge him to reconsider his position on the matter.

Congressman John Conyers’ Facebook Page:

Further Contact Info:

  • Washington Office: 202-225-5126
  • Detroit Office: 313-961-5670
  • Trenton / Downriver Office: 734-675-4084

We at Dignitas News Service call on conservatives, as well as all Americans who stand for freedom and liberty, to make our voices heard. The men and women who are standing up for their rights in Venezuela are our ideological brethren. The opposition to sanctions against the Venezuelan government by far-left members of the Democratic Party is a reprehensible deviation of everything this nation has stood for for over 200 years. It is not too late for President Obama and the Democratic Party to regain their honor and do what is right and take a stand for freedom loving people here in our own hemisphere.

Opinion by Paul M Winters, Editor in Chief Dignitas News Service


SenatorMarcoRubio (via YouTube)
SenatorMarcoRubio (via YouTube)







  • DaGooz88

    THANK YOU! It makes me sick to know that ANY elected American official would line up with Maduro over freedom. But, as we see, there are “enemies within.” I already gave Conyers a piece of my mind.