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Hillary Clinton Message to Kids Trapped in Failing Schools: Move to a Better Area

As one dissects and find meaning in Hillary Clinton’s campaign announcement video, Getting Started, once striking message is that sent to parents whose kids are trapped in failing schools, move to a better area. While much of the video is merely a fluff piece designed to pander to every conceivable demographic her campaign can target in its 2 minutes and 18 seconds, there are a few striking observations, none as disturbing as her apparent solution for addressing the problems of under-performing public schools.

After introducing us to a woman whose home-grown tomatoes are apparently “legendary” the Hillary campaign shows a single mother and her daughter packing up their belongings in preparation to move. As the woman informs us, her daughter is set to begin kindergarten and that they are moving, as she states, “just so she can belong to a better school.” There is no indication that this is a move to coincide with a better paying job or to be closer to relatives, as the mother stresses, this is a move solely based on proving her daughter with a better education.

This is an astonishing insight into the callous disconnect of both the Hillary for America campaign team and liberal-Progressives in general with the needs and struggles of American parents. To begin with, if the featured mother-daughter tandem is indeed charting a course away from a district with a failing school system, its highly likely this district is run by Democrats. While liberals like to look at education standards on the state level, gleefully pointing out the differences between say Mississippi and Vermont, what any parent with school-aged children in any of the 50 states already knows is that there are vast differences in schools in many cases just miles apart.

According to rankings compiled by ranking website Neighborhood Scout, 97 of the worst 100 public schools in the United States are in areas run by Democratic Party legislators.  Per their list, the worst public school in America is Nelson Island Area School in Bethel, Alaska. Upon hearing this, the low-information liberal will pounce with righteous indignation, after all its common knowledge that Sarah Palin’s home state is  solidly “red state” and therefore proof that Republican areas are less-educated than liberal-Progressive Democrat strongholds. The only problem with this narrative is that Bethel is represented in the State Legislature by Democrat Bob Herron of the 38th District, who holds the position of Majority (yes, majority) Whip for his party’s elected contingent. Nelson Island Area School is one of five schools from Bethel which placed in Neighborhood Scout’s worst 100 list.

As we peer through the rest the rankings, we see a similar pattern, with our nation’s children most at-risk in receiving a substandard education go to schools administered and run by Democrats and their Progressive allies. International High School of Lawrence, MA comes in second (worst), Optics PS of Washington DC third, Career Success JR/SR High of North Phoenix is one of the few Republican-held areas represented in the list (along with Mission, South Dakota ) ranks fourth worst. Philadelphia comes in at fifth & sixth with Hope CS & Strawberry Mansion HS, followed by Bethel’s Akiachak School at seventh but once again Philadelphia shows up, with Vaux Roberts HS eighth worst. The “bottom” 10 is rounded out  West Parker Charter Academy of Fresno, CA at ninth, and the Bronx, NY Performance Conservatory HS coming in 10th.

The remainder of the list tells a similar story of failure, damaged futures and a recipe for the conditions that maintain Democratic Party power in urban strongholds, under-educated individuals prone to single-parent households, welfare dependence and unfilled dreams, and gallons of liberal crocodile tears. That the average liberal-Progressive voter is likely ignorant of this fact is only slightly more wicked than the corrupt Democrat public officials their votes and financial support keep in power.

As we come back to Hillary Clinton and her quest to be a “champion” for people like the single mother she features in her campaign video, the message seems to be clear that in order to provide a brighter educational future for her child, her best option is to pack up and move to a better area. If she is fortunate she will move to a district whose School Boards and Administrators are members of the Republican Party. Fortunately for her and her daughter, she is apparently able to afford the move to greener pastures, but what of the tens of millions of families who are unable to pack up and leave for schools that are not run with a mixture of incompetence and corruption? For these Americans, their children are forced to remain in schools districts where magnet and charter schools (not to mention school vouchers and educational choice) are fought with a ferocity of Roman soldiers and although many of these schools spend more per-pupil than those with better performances, their children will be denied the type of education which will make them competitive in the job market when they reach adulthood. Even more sad, the vast majority of future residence of our nation’s prisons will come from Democrat-run school districts, destined to occupy a prison cell at age 22 because they did not receive the attention and excellence they deserve at age 10.

This of course is of little consequence for the Hillary for America campaign, as imagery and worthless platitudes will likely serve their purpose to maintain the votes of the very Americans who most need innovative and sound political leadership. Unfortunately for them, they will largely continue to vote for the Democratic Party and foolishly fall for their promises of looking out for the best interests. There are other striking and telling moments in her video, such as the two Hispanic gentlemen who, unlike the rest of the individuals featured, don’t speak English but communicate to us in Spanish with the aid of subtitles, for after all this is how liberals see all Latinos. But without a doubt, the most troubling of Hillary Clinton’s message is that if your kids are trapped in failing public schools, your best and possibly only hope is to move to a better area. The clear message its send to the rest of us is that American does not need a champion, it needs a leader, not to “save us” but to create the conditions and opportunities so that we may save ourselves.

By Paul M Winters
Managing Editor, Dignitas News Service