HIS NAME IS NOT TRAYVON The Forgotten Fredrick Martin

The Trayvon Martin issue is back in the news recently, via attacks on Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant, and his comments on the Miami Heat wearing hoodies to honor the fallen Trayvon Martin, at a recent Miami Heat-LA Lakers game this week. “I won’t react to something just because I’m supposed to, because I’m an African-American,” he said. “That argument doesn’t make any sense to me. So we want to advance as a society and a culture, but, say, if something happens to an African-American we immediately come to his defense? Yet you want to talk about how far we’ve progressed as a society? Well, we’ve progressed as a society, then don’t jump to somebody’s defense just because they’re African-American. You sit and you listen to the facts just like you would in any other situation, right? So I won’t assert myself,” stated Bryant.

Just as the mainstream media never misses an opportunity to re-inject the divisive Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman situation into the public eye, Dignitas News Service will not waste the opportunity to bring attention to a “Martin” that very few have heard of, Fredrick Martin Jr.

Martin, 28, was cleaning the garage of his Inglewood, CA home on the evening of April 3, 2012 with his 8-year-old son and a friend when two gunmen approached on foot and began firing. Martin threw the boy to the ground and covered his body, shielding him from the bullets. He suffered two gunshot wounds and died later that night. His son escaped with a minor graze. To this date, his killers have never been found.

To repeat, Martin threw his son to the ground and covered his body, shielding him from the bullets.

fred martin jr2

Fredrick Martin Jr. and son during happier times.

Fredrick Martin, Jr. can be described as nothing less than a hero. A true hero. He is a man to be emulated and did something that all of us who are parents hope we are brave enough to do as well. Growing up in the trappings of the city streets of Los Angeles, Martin did all the right things. A diligent student and obedient son, he became the first in his family to graduate college and was working at Kaiser Permanente at the time of his death. He was a dedicated father, whose commitment to his son was evidenced even to the last moment and act of his natural life. His immediate reaction to the gunshots was to shield his son from the bullets, sacrificing his very life for the son he loved so much.

The case of Frederick Martin Jr. is still unsolved and barely registered a blip on the mainstream media radar. The reason that much of America has never heard of this brave and honorable father is that there was nothing to gain for them, or the left wing rabble-rousers who took such delight in exploiting the Trayvon Martin situation for political and ratings gains. According to witnesses, Fredrick Martin’s assailants were, like Martin, black Americans. While the vast majority (over 90%) of black victims of crime are victimized by fellow black  people, it is the rare occurrence of white-on-black crime which causes the media and the left-wing intelligentsia and activist base to salivate with delight. It provides them the opportunity to increase ratings, increase fund raising, increase their political clout among “the people”  and to sow even more distrust and fear between black and white Americans.

For Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and the powers within the Democrat Party, cases like Trayvon Martin are ones to covet, while cases such as the Frederick Martin Jr. case are ones to avoid. By placing focus on the (very) rare cases of black victims of white (or white-Hispanic) violence, they are able to instill a continuing feeling, among African-Americans, that they are “hunted” and that the America which is their home is one they should never fully embrace, as it (they allege) will never accept them as equals. This ties in perfectly with the Democrat message to black Americans, one of “you CANT overcome” without the guiding, benevolent hand of an ever growing bureaucratic apparatus to oversee nearly all aspects of life. By failing to acknowledge the real dangers of urban crime posed to black Americans, crime that fosters in Democrat run streets, they can further deflect their culpability.


Imagine if this energy was put into ensuring accountability and excellence in public schools?

Democrats control EACH AND EVERY predominately black political precinct in America. These neighborhoods, where outlandish economic regulations are commonplace (in many cities, one must undergo more hours of “training” to braid hair than to be a paramedic), where public schools are run with a mixture of corruption and incompetence and a place criminals intimidate and victimize the honest and hard working black (and Hispanic) residents with impunity, have zero Republican representation. And despite the benefits of having a political monopoly, Democrats have been woefully unable (or unwilling) to address the very real concerns of a constituency that has shown unprecedented loyalty to them. In their fear that at some point this electorate will begin to ask questions of its political “leadership,” Democrats have preferred to focus on racial issues and racism as the cause of all problems affecting the black community.

As you peel back their rhetoric, the underlying liberal-progressive message to minority voters is as follows: “All of your problems in life are the result of whitey’s racism. This white racism is manifested in the form of the Republican Party and political conservatism. Although we Democrats hold all elected offices and control all public services in black and brown communities, because the institutional racism of this country is so pervasive, we are understandably impotent, at the present time, to do anything about it. Therefore we cannot blamed for the problems in your neighborhoods. We cannot be blamed for the failure of the schools, for racism is a strong force. We need only have you excuse our failures and maintain the faith, for in 50 years or so, white people will no longer be in “control of things” and then we Democrats will have a supreme majority and all will be well.”

With this message, and attempting to further subjugate black Americans in the inner cities into acquiescing self-determination for the benevolence of the same failed “Great Society” programs they’ve been experimenting with for 50 years, they achieve the double bonus of holding down black economic development, while driving a further wedge from much of white America, by fostering a perception that black people are looking for a handout. Add to this the efforts of Democrat allies in the media & entertainment world and the perception of black people for millions of white “heartlanders,” who themselves may know few black people, is molded by images of foul mouthed, sagging pants young males and “welfare mothers” procuring DNA tests to determine the father of their child. Fear and suspicion grows, understanding and dialogue dies. Its a wonderful template for division.


The son of Fredrick Martin Jr. May God bless you.

Statistically speaking, black Americans have a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning or winning the lottery than they will of being attacked by a white person. This very night, however, will most likely result in the death of more than a dozen young black men at the hands of black perpetrators. A dozen parents who will feel the SAME pain as did the parents of Trayvon Martin, after all would a parent be any less devastated to know that at least their son’s assailant had the same hue of skin as they? I’m quite sure this brought no sense of comfort to the parents of Frederick Martin, Jr. and it certainly wont make his sons plight any better, as he is now one of the 72% of black children who will not have his father there to tuck him in at night, kiss him on the forehead and let him know how loved and valued he is.

But it sure does make a difference for Democrats. And after all, isn’t that the important thing?




  • Mari

    I am so glad that you brought Frederik Martin story to light. I read about out it I had those similar thoughts. It is so true that stories like the Trayvon are coveted by Democrats.

    • DaGooz88

      If Sharpton & Jackson REALLY cared bout the hood they would be out day & night looking DEMANDING that they find the killers of Frederick Martin Jr. HE is worth it!!!

      • ZBA

        Good point !

  • Robert G

    AMEN! Wake those foos up!!!!

  • BearNJ

    RIP Frederick Martin. Mr. White illustrates the issue with Democrat one party rule in black america.
    What has the Democratic party done for african americans? First the suppressed and enslaved
    them. Then they segregated them. Then they used the “Great society” to buy votes with their group think policies. Used progressive taxation to destroy the working black poor manufacturing jobs and welfare to destroy the the black family. Over 70% of black children are born to single mothers.

    I wish some one in the GOP would speak to the economic issues of blacks. Conservativism is a harder sell but it creates opportunity and liberty. Under Ronald Reagan, last conservative President, black
    employment, black business ownership and black professional jobs all boomed. To quote the
    link below: Between 1982 and 1988, total black employment increased by 2 million, a staggering sum. That meant that blacks gained 15 percent of the new jobs created during that span, while accounting for only 11 percent of the working-age population. Meanwhile, theblack jobless rate was cut by almost
    half between 1982 and 1988. Compared that to Obama disasterous double digit unemployment record for blacks.



    • Robert G

      Democrats tell you what you want to hear, Republicans tell you what you need to hear. Truth hurts and people dont like it. Im Latino and it frustrates me when I see how brainwashed people are. Meanwhile all the stats you point out (as did the article) are happening to us too.

      They want to make all of us slaves!!

  • DaGooz88

    Completely true. As an (proud) AMERICAN who is (proudly) Latino, I see how they try to run the same game on us. Democrats think anyone who is black or brown is their trained monkey who will do as he’s told.

  • Annie Moon

    DaGooz88 totally agree.This shouldn’t be just about
    politics people it’s about finding the killers of Frederick Martin Jr!

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  • ZBA

    Whoa … I’m a Dem and think that there should be as much coverage, and attempt to find the shooters, of Fredrick Martin versus Travon Martin. I am white, and agree with Kobe. Let’s see the facts then make statements (in contrast to Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who do more to divide us than bring us together).

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