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If I Were Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan

In 1965 radio legend Paul Harvey first aired his now-famous piece entitled If I were the Devil which examined the steps the Great Deceiver would likely take in order to win the battle for man’s soul. The agenda listed matched (frighteningly) the realities of an American culture  which has gone from a God-fearing and industrious nation into one ripe for misery and plunder.  Like so many Progressives, Earl Ofari Hutchinson used the lead-up to the midterm elections to warn in the “Huffington Post” that A Republican Wave Will Further Sink Black America and throughout the year the Democratic Party has made ceaseless attempts to paint conservatives and the Republican Party as racists. With a nod to the great Mr. Harvey, and given the divisions caused by the impending decision in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri it caused me to ponder what steps need be taken if I were the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and wished to relegate black Americans to a perpetual state of under achievement.

If I Were Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan:

I would first and foremost want to destroy the concept of family within the black community. Recognizing that strong and stable nuclear families are the key to upward mobility and success in America, I would devise strategies to encourage an increased rate of single mothers and fatherless families. I would ensure that social welfare programs were crafted that in most cases, benefits would be reduced or eliminated all together if young, expecting parents entered into marriage before the child was born. It would be vital that this take place early on, so as to immediately begin severing emotional ties between father and child, thus increasing the odds that the split would be made permanent.

I would also want to do all I could to distance the young mother from her extended family, knowing that this is also a key to success in America. To do so, in addition to providing the mother with not only food, medical benefits and cash assistance, I would work to provide her with housing subsidies to make it possible for her to move out of her parents home. Understanding that teenagers and young adults, regardless of race, are prone to irresponsible behavior without oversight from elders, it would be conducive to my goal to have an 18 year-old mother in her own apartment and away from parental guidance.

I would make this option very appealing to the young (and certainly scared) young father, assuring him that at very least his child’s basic needs would be met. Freeing him from this monetary need, it would become all the more easy to persuade him not to marry the mother and forsake a job. Given the amount of benefits I would provide the mother, it would be fairly easy to make this argument, as a young man in his teens or early 20’s would barely be able to make enough toiling at a job to equal the amount of aid I would provide, if at all. Free of this need, he would be able to extend his adolescence and engage (regardless of race) in activities many young men void of responsibility do, which is whiling away time with playing Xbox, smoking marijuana and hanging out with friends.

I would be careful to recognize that many of these young men over time would desire to be a part of their child’s life and whose pride would be bothered that they themselves aren’t providing for them. I would point out that starting at the bottom of the job market it would take time to reach an income level which would even match what the state provides the mother anyway, thus discouraging them to take entry-level work and methodically build their job skills. I would enlist allies in the entertainment and cultural arenas to glorify the life of the “hustler” which would encourage young black men to take some chances, cut some corners in order to “make that money.” I could do so with the confidence that it only takes a few poor choices to turn a promising young life into one that includes arrest, prosecution and a life in and out of the criminal justice system, which would improve the chances that I am successful in the initial goal of broken families.

In terms of crime, if I were Grand Dragon the Ku Klux Klan, I would desire high crime rates, but I would also seek to break down the concept of right and wrong, and gain sympathy for the criminals from the very public they victimize. I would cast police as the bad guys, and utilize instances of error and the actions of rogue cops to sew distrust of all law enforcement within the black community. I would enlist my allies in the media to highlight instances of police wrongdoing and to conduct a virtual media blackout on instances of black on black crime. I would seek legislation that puts as many felons and bad members of the black community back onto the streets so that they may victimize the good and hard-working members of that community. I would be even more clever if I were to somehow convince the public that any attempts to stop me were in themselves racist.

This strategy also assists in the task of holding back the progress of the mother. While to a scared  and frightened 18 year-old, the welfare, food and housing benefits I would provide may be the answer to their prayers, over time they will recognize that this is merely surviving, and not thriving. In many cases, however, by the time they figure this out it may be far too late for them anyway. At the point in which their benefits run out, or they tire of life on the public dole, they will discover that they are now in their late 20’s or early 30’s, without work experience and tangible skills desired in the labor market. Even for those sincerely motivated to improve the lot of their children, they will be met with the frustration of entering a job market against much younger competition and without marketable skills.

I would then turn the attention to the education of their children. I would ensure that the local public schools are controlled by those who thought like me and had similar goals. I would bestow administrative and leadership roles of these schools to my friends, colleagues and union partners in crime regardless of their ability to excel at these roles. I would on one hand want these schools to be failures, but also that enough money went through the system so that my partners and I may profit from the system, in the form of jobs and direct theft of funds. Thus, no matter how much money came into the system, I would complain that it needs more and would attack all that dare question the management of the schools, in fact calling them racists for doing so. In running public schools with a combination of corruption and incompetence,  I would guarantee reduce the opportunities of millions of young black children and literally robbing their futures. All of this will assist in my plans when they themselves become young adults and have children.

In destroying the education of African-Americans I would be forced to fight, with all weapons at my disposal, those who would seek to address these problems. I would take special care to destroy the School Choice program, also known as School Vouchers. Under such programs, parents are empowered to place their children in public or private schools of their choice which not only provide the child with a better education, but actively engage parents in the schooling of their children. Within the black community itself I would use my bureaucratic allies to stifle discussion that these programs even exist and so demonize the proponents of these programs that many parents would dismiss the notion, as they assume the motives of these proponents are nefarious in the first place. Outside of the community I would drive the discussion of vouchers away from the educational aspect of it, and rather focus it on a side issue, such as religion. I would convince white liberals that it’s an encroachment on church & state traditions, even though it would be the parents choosing to send their children to a parochial or secular school. This would serve as an added bonus, because anything one can do to turn African-Americans away from religion and God serves the overall mission at hand.


All of these efforts might be for not if black communities have strong and thriving economic growth, so if I were Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, I would need to control this aspect as well. Even if I myself were actively engaged in it, I would need to verbally attack the free-market system at every level so as to discourage black participation in it. It would be vital that African-Americans did not control the economic base of their own communities, so I would vilify the small business-owner and job creators in general. I would be clever to paint the entire system as unjust as repressive, so that young black men and women would feel disconnected from it and that it was the ultimate enemy. I would give credence to this belief by imposing debilitating regulations against starting and operating businesses in predominately black neighborhoods, such as forcing a young woman who wishes to launch a business braiding hair to pay excessive fees and to take nearly as many regulated hours of “training” as one needs to take to be a paramedic. Many of these state-contracted “training schools” could be owned and operated by cronies of Aldermen, Council Men and other political allies in the neighborhood. By doing all I can to discourage the notion of entrepreneurship, I can exert far more economic control within the community and guard against self-sufficiency.

Having ensured they do not control the flow of dollars within their community, I would then focus on the labor market. A combination of history, circumstance and the hard work put into the aforementioned methods have already relegated large segments African-Americans to a lower overall position in the labor market to begin with, but I would need be mindful of the historic achievements they have made throughout their history in this country and the incredible progress they have made with even larger hurdles to overcome. Even my efforts would be minuscule in comparison to what their ancestors had to overcome. Thus, it would be imperative for me to make an already difficult job market that much more so for them. I can solve this dilemma by introducing non-organic labor competition into the labor market. While as leader of the KKK it would go against principal, I could support the influx of massive numbers of illegal aliens from Latin America. I can pit them in direct competition with African-Americans (and native-born Latinos) for entry-level work, virtually running blacks out of construction, fast food and transportation.

If I were clever, I could further capitalize on this condition on a social level. Knowing that in the inner-cities. many of these illegal immigrants will move in or around neighborhoods that have traditionally been African-American. As I would of course do all I could to discourage assimilation and mastery of English for these immigrants (but that’s part of an agenda of a whole other sort), this will create a natural source of friction between the two communities. While nothing can stop the natural tendency of the American citizenry to find common interest and sincere brotherhood across racial and ethnic divides, such friction is also natural. Although I would outwardly speak of the need of a political coalition of “black and brown,” I could wickedly pit one groups interest against the other and enjoy the benefits of shifting ethnic political power struggles in these areas. And while I would need black politicians and local “leaders” to do my bidding, I could use the threat of Latino political emergence to keep these politicians in check and to do my bidding for them to maintain their own fleeting power. In time I would create my own clique of  black leaders who think as I do or are simply so corrupt as they do not question the results of my policies.

Above all I would need to slow their population growth. For this I would look to abortion as a natural solution. If I were Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan, I would look to Planned Parenthood founder Margret Sanger as an inspiration. She was instrumental in the “birth” of the abortion movement and cleverly utilized black clergy to spread the practice as one of “women’s liberation” and helped deflect attention from the fact that it does terminate an otherwise living member of the community. I could only dream that as many as 488,000 black mothers had abortions each and every year. Accounting for mothers of other races impregnated by black men, this would guarantee that half a million black Americans would not be born, annually. I would frame the discussion on abortion so that few realize black women account for nearly half of all abortions, despite making up less than 10 percent of the population. As Sanger herself said, “we don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

If indeed I were the leader of the KKK, I would have a lot of time on my hands. If I were the Grand Dragon of Ku Klux Klan, I would need do nothing to ensure the eventual destruction of black America, for Progressives within the Democratic Party are doing it already. And whatever their ultimate motive is, they are doing it with more skill and effectiveness than the Klan could imagine in their wildest dreams.

Commentary by Paul M Winters


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