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Marco Rubio Gives Top Foreign Policy Address of 2014 on Cuba and Venezuela [Video]

In our look back at the political highlights of 2014, we examine a speech by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), given in February of this year. The Republican gives a stirring address in response to Democratic Party Senator Tom Harkin’s (D-IA) glowing report of his trip to the “Caribbean Paradise” of Cuba. Marco Rubio’s perfectly succinct appraisal of the communist states of Cuba and Venezuela rates as our top foreign policy address of 2014.

In his critique of the communist regimes, Marco Rubio takes on Raul Castro, Nicholas Maduro and highlights the repression against free speech and opportunity. While many Western leaders including President Barack Obama have been shamefully silent on the issue, he addresses the Venezuelan governments imprisonment of Voluntad Popular opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez.

As the Obama Administration opens up relations with communist Cuba, one hopes they will address the points and concerns Marco Rubio lists in his address, although given the Democratic Party’s history of appeasement toward brutal left-wing regimes, we cant help but have severe doubts this will come to pass.

Dignitas News Service Team



Photo Courtesy of Mike Segar