Leftist Provocateur Celebrates Shooting of Officers in Ferguson [Video]

As two Missouri Police Officers were shot early Thursday morning in Ferguson, amateur video captured the gleeful celebration of a (presumably white) leftist provocateur who bellowed just seconds following the shooting “acknowledgement 9 months ago would have kept that from happening.”…

democratic party

List of the Most Beneficial Democratic Party Policies for African Americans of the Past 50 Years

Since 1965, the African-American community has displayed the more loyalty to the Democratic Party than any constituency group on the entire planet, outside of Pyongyang. In celebration of this, Dignitas News Service asked its top researches to analyze Democrat policy…

marco rubio

Marco Rubio Celebrates American Exceptionalism at CPAC 2015 [Video]

In a speech that riveted conservatives, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) celebrates American exceptionalism during his address at this week’s CPAC 2015 event. He stressed that the American family, not government, is the most important organization in our nation today. Following his…

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