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Sophomoric Name Calling by the Liberal Media Belies Their Intellectual Impotence

In just the past two days, so-called “respected” members of the liberal media have belied their utter intellectual impotence by once again resorting to name calling of their conservative opposition by referring to them as “clowns” and “zombies” in the press. Margaret Carlson, who chose a pithy title for her Bloomberg View piece on GOP Presidential candidates, Can Republicans Keep the Clown Posse Outonly to be outdone by Salon’s Heather Digby Parton who bemoaned that the right simply wont acquiesce social issues to the left in her hit-piece Rise of the GOP’s Culture-War Zombies.

While these are headlines one might expect from an over-zealous college activist sporting a Che Guevara shirt or Bolshevik chin stubble, the two articles in question were written by darlings of the liberal media. Margaret Carlson has not only been a regular contributor at Bloomberg View since 2005, but boasts a resume that should lead one to believe she would be above such childish and inane name-calling. This might be true of her accomplishments went beyond being propelled by a left-wing echo chamber that increasingly delights in such rhetorical attacks against a conservative opposition they are intellectually inferior to. Following her days at Penn State and George Washington Law School, she served as a Fellow at Harvard’s Institute of Politics, guiding the minds of elite young Progressive warriors. Carlson became Time Magazine’s first female columnist, and has appeared on CNN’s Capital Gang for the past 15 years. She has also been bestowed honors by her fellow haughty liberals as the recipient of two National Headliner Awards.

While hardly as accomplished as Ms. Carlson, Heather Digby Parton herself boasts the necessary bona-fides to qualify for liberal hero status. She describes her early life as one of a “misspent youth” and daughter of an employee of the “American military industrial complex.” She began her professional career as a Hollywood executive, re-inventing herself as a blogger and parlaying that into featured roles with Al Jazeera and Salon, among other outlets. She was 2014 recipient of the Hillman Prize for Opinion and Analysis Journalism. Some of her recent works include Mike Huckabee is an Evil Genius, The Law is the Enemy and another testament to her intellectual prowess GOP’s Crazy “real men” Crew.

All of this could be chalked up to mere hyperbolic rantings of crazed left-wing ideologues if it weren’t for prominence these journalists were given by their cohorts in the main stream media.  It is also notable due to the left’s insufferable accusations that it is conservatives who are most at fault for the divisive and corrosive nature of modern politics.

Can one imagine the outpouring of self-righteous indignation that would pour from the halls of the national press bureau if Thomas Sowell or Charles Krauthammer titled an opinion piece about the liberals with any of the above examples? Now, the left will quickly point to bombastic statements from Rush Limbaugh or other conservative radio hosts without noting the obvious distinctions between the two professions, but given the fact that they have had such little success on the radio, their confusion is understandable.

And while the rantings of Carlson and Parton (who prefers to be addressed simply as “Digby) can be looked at as offensive, mean-spirited and sophomoric by anyone possessing decorum or an intellect above that of the average modern liberal, it is pure manna from heaven for today’s Progressives. As this low-information constituency rarely reads beyond the headline in the first place, its propaganda value is self-evident. It serves to keep its robotic voting base in line, without ever stopping to question the results of Democratic Party policy, particularly in its urban strongholds. For the core of their readership, the urban white feminist and their beta-male counterparts-shopping partners, the narrative alone provides them comfort that they are on both the “just” and “winning” side.

As any conservative who has attempted to engage liberals in thoughtful and constructive debate can attest, it will not be long before the Progressive is left void of intellectual ammunition and will resort to name-calling or pithy rhetoric attacks. While this often frustrates us, we should take this as a sign of our, yes, superiority. The average conservative not only has a stronger grasp of the issues of the day than the mindless dribble which pours from the mouths of our opponents, but we most likely understand the plight of our fellow Americans who suffer most under liberal leadership. Ask a liberal what the single-parent birthrate among African-Americans stands today, you will most likely get a blank stare (if not an immediate charge of racism). When one educates our liberal friends that it is a figure bordering 70 percent, they will most likely chalk this up to the historic residue of slavery. Upon being countered that this figure was below 30 percent in 1965, at the dawn of the Great Society, you can rest assured your left-wing opponent had no clue of this, and expect the conversation to further drift into accusations of your racism or spiral off entirely, most likely to the Bush Administration’s handling of the Iraq war.

Take heart in this, my fellow conservatives, for this is further evidence that our victory and annihilation of Progressive-liberalism is close at hand! As children we learn quickly that once your adversary resorts to name-calling, your superiority to them has been firmly established. As they continue to point out that they have “won” as evidenced by President Obama’s two electoral victories, do not challenge them, but allow them to bask in their ignorance as we quietly celebrate the Republican Party takeover of not just the US House and Senate, but a clear majority of Governorship’s and an edge in control of state legislatures that has brought us a step away from being able to invoke Article V of the Constitution and the ability to call a Convention for the passing of Amendments. As the liberal media and activist base bask in their self-proclaimed brilliance at their pithy and sophomoric name-calling, we shall have the last laugh by using their own intellectual impotence to turn the American political map red. Sticks and stones may break our bones, but our ideas are simply better than theirs.

Commentary by Paul M Winters
Managing Editor, Dignitas News Service