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Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ben Carson Rise in Iowa Scott Walker Takes a Fall

In a Gravis Marketing poll released today Jeb Bush leads fellow GOP rivals among Republican Party Iowa voters while Senator Marco Rubio and former brain surgeon Ben Carson have increased their popularity while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has taken the largest fall….

democratic party

List of the Most Beneficial Democratic Party Policies for African Americans of the Past 50 Years

Since 1965, the African-American community has displayed the more loyalty to the Democratic Party than any constituency group on the entire planet, outside of Pyongyang. In celebration of this, Dignitas News Service asked its top researches to analyze Democrat policy…

democratic party

Democratic Party Dégringolade and Denial

Election night 2014 found Republicans celebrating deep into the night, with Democrats understandably in more dour spirits, with liberals in Manhattan drowning their sorrows in Cosmopolitans, beers in Boston’s Beantown and defeated lefties in Colorado passing ‘pon the left hand side to ease the…

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